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Restaurant details for Hot Shots Billiards

  • Hot Shots Billiards

  • 107 Edinburgh Drive S Cary, NC 27511
  • Information
    Hot Shots Billiards is a private club. Their website can be found at www.hotshots-billiards.com. The phone number to Hot Shots Billiards is 919-460-6307.
  • Detailed Description
    HOT SHOTS has 10 full size Brunswick Gold Crown pool tables featuring 860 Simonis felt. There are 2 dart boards, a classic pinball game, PGA Golf, Big Buck Hunter, and several counter top video games. A great Jukebox seems to keep rockin' all the time!!!!
  • TV Sports... No pool hall in the triangle has more TV's so you can keep an eye on the game in between shots while shooting some stick. General..... HOT SHOTS has all ABC permits and a great beer selection with some daily knock your socks off specials. IMPORTANT! This place gets some good shooters but is more well known for its laid back , have fun , turn up the music, lets party crowd rather than get too serious about pool crowd. Even the league teams come across a bit more cordial and easy going . It is a great place to join a league for the first time.
  • Links & More Information

Friendly link to this page: http://barflycary.com/HotShotsBilliards

Today's Drink Specials

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Today's Food Specials

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The Forecast

Monday February 18th
Coors Light $2.00

Special Type: Beer

Hurricane $4.00

Special Type: Cocktail

Red Headed Slut $5.00

Special Type: Shooter

Tuesday February 19th
Yuengling - $2.00

Special Type: Beer

House High Balls - $2.75

Special Type: Well

Swedish Fish - $4.00

Special Type: Shooter

Wednesday February 20th
Long Island Iced Tea - $5.00

Special Type: Cocktail

New Castle - $2.50

Special Type: Beer

Nuts&Berries - $4.50

Special Type: Shooter

Thursday February 21st
Royal Flush - $5.00

Special Type: Shooter

White Russian - $4.25,

Special Type: Cocktail

Amstel Light - $2.50

Special Type: Beer

Friday February 22nd
Miller Lite/High Life/MGD - $2.00

Special Type: Beer

Yeager Bomb - $5.00

Special Type: Shooter

Pink Lemonade - $4.50

Special Type: Cocktail

Yeager Shot - $4.00

Special Type: Shot

Saturday February 23rd
Kamikaze - $3.00

Special Type: Shooter

House BayBreeze/SeaBreeze - $2.75

Special Type: Cocktail

Corona/Corona Light - $2.50

Special Type: Beer

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